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Green Hen Farm is a young eco-friendly farm, growing on under 1/2 acre in Sewickley, PA. The owner, Selina Courtney (AKA 'The Hen') grew up on a farm and has a background in floral design, and garden center management, as well as a lifetime of creating in various art forms. Dedicated collaboration with other local flower farmers and artists, as well as celebrating and honoring flowers at every stage of life are notable aspects of Green Hen Farm.


The act of farming is not just a livelihood; it’s a cathartic, deeply rooted source of peace, bringing a profound sense of harmony, fulfillment, and purpose to our family for many, many years. We believe farming isn’t merely a job—it’s a sanctuary where the rhythm of nature and the labor of nurturing the earth create an intrinsic sense of peace.  We love the challenge of recreating a natural environment that our exotics need to grow in, and enjoy growing native species as well. We're thrilled to share our knowledge and values of our family’s special relationship with nature with you.



Our catalog of unusual, fresh and dried, seasonal exotic and native flowers offer a list of stunning flowers you'll rarely find at a traditional flower shop. In addition to beautiful wildflowers, we offer show-stopping peonies, anemones, freesias, pollenless double lilies, dahlias, hydrangeas, and many more unique annuals and perennials - fresh and DRIED! 


Green Hen Farm is committed to being kind to the environment, especially to our all-important pollinators! Here are some of the sustainable, environmentally friendly farming methods we use in our everyday farming:

  • Low-till method - reduces erosion and runoff, maturing the soil and improving soil structure to allow for better water absorption.

  • On-farm green manure cover crops.

  • Shared-farm and on-farm compost & biological fertilizers - using animal husbandry to provide manure for composting, reducing reliance on bagged soil amendments.

  • Nature’s Good Guys, all-natural, and biorational (pesticide-free) pest control products – safe for the environment.

  • Heavy mulching - prevents weeds while utilizing natural resources—cardboard, straw, & wood chips.

  • On-farm propagation & locally sourced supplies.

  • Reduced reliance on plastic - using compostable seed starters, and reusing plastic containers for many, many years.


Thankfully, many methods exist to support environmentally friendly farming. GHF looks forward to improving its farming methods as often as possible to be as green as possible.


Green Hen Farm also offers dried flower resin jewelry and gifts, pressed flower art, and dried flower arrangements and embroideries.


We take pride in offering quality products to our community in unique fresh and dried forms. Please visit us at Sweetwater Blooms Market or our popup to shop, or chat about flowers and art. We hope to see you there!

Green Hen Farm



Once upon a time a Dog, a Cat, a Rabbit, and a Little Green Hen lived together in a little house in Sewickley. The Dog, the Cat, and the Rabbit were all very lazy & would never help with the work around the farm. So the Little Green Hen had to do everything all by herself...just kidding! Everyone here pulls their weight!

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